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A region rich in taste

Vines, Olive Trees & Truffles
The gastronomic wonders of Provence Gardoise

With its beautiful landscapes of vineyards, Languedoc and the region of Uzège are rich in colors and resources.

Festival of the vine, harvest and animations, the activities around the grape and the wine are numerous. The region is crisscrossed by various wine routes that will introduce visitors to the richness of Languedoc.

Olive oil is the region's second source of wealth. The landscapes of olive trees characterize Languedoc, so singular. In all, three oil mills are in Uzès.

The third flagship product, and not the least, is the truffle. A domain is even dedicated to him in Uzès. It is during a meal in one of the restaurants in the region that the truffle will then be brought to light.